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On the sunny side of the street!

After a few really cold days with rain and lots of wind the sun has finally arrived.

We´ve also had our first day off and went for some sightseeing around Cape Town and Stellenbosch. It´s really an amazing landscape and a country of contrast. We passed by the incredibly poor townships and passed by some really exclusive wineyards so the contrast couldn´t possibly be bigger. It´s really sad to know that 34% of South Africans are without a job and in the townships there´s about 70% unemplyed.

We can only hope that the situation turns to the better which would most likely also reduce criminality and keep people more united.

Our show though is going great and bonds are getting stronger within the group and also between the music and dance. I´m really looking forward to the premiere next week when we´ll be able to meet the audience and press.



Raindrops keep falling on my head.

The wind is blowing, the sky is grey or even black and the rain is pouring down here.

Luckily we´re rehearsing all days and today was the first meeting with basically everybody who is involed with this project as well as a first rehearsal together with the dancers.

It was a great feeling sitting and watching the dancers doing the show with the prerecorded material we´ve sent them. A couple of days/weeks of rehearsals and this is gonna be absolutely stunning. The only sad part is that I won´t have the opportunity to see it myself.

Tonight wer´re invited to see a theatre play called Hayani at the Baxter that´s supposed to be really great. 




Finally in the Mother City and Cape Town greeted us with lightnings, heavy showers, strong winds and now finally also som sun.

The flight was quite turbulent but I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep anyway and we´ve now checked in at a really cosy guest house in Rondebosch very close to the Baxter where we´ll rehears and perform.

Now I´ll get something to eat and then we'll meet the our Capetonian collegues.



Come fly away with me!

Tomorrow is travel day. A long journey will end up in Cape Town on Thursday and we'll meet up with our South African colleagues for the show I hit the ground running. We'll have a great journey together for the next 6 weeks and I'm really looking forward to get going and getting all things in place for a great show.

Time now to pack all things and prepare for tomorrow.




What a summer this has been!

Lots of sun and great weather here in Sweden and I´ve also managed to have a long and well deserved holiday with my family.

My son is now 2 years old and I can´t beleive how time just flies away. It wasn´t long ago I was sitting and holding him in my arms for the very first time and now he runs around with lots of energy and ideas on how life should be lived.

Speaking of running, this week I´m off to Cape Town for rehearsals and performances of the show I hit the ground running for 5 musicians and 5 dancers. The show will be staged at the Baxter theatre. It´ll be great and I´m really looking forward to get going even though I'll miss my family for the next 4 weeks.