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Photo by Annika Falkuggla

 Hommage á Coltrane

"My music is the spriritual extension of what I am - my faith, my knowledge, my being." /John Coltrane

Hommage á Coltrane is a collaborative project including composers Molly Kien, Andrea Tarrodi, Per Egland, Katarina Leyman and the Nordic Saxophone quartet premiering at the Stockholm Concert house

1st of December 2017.

The project premiered in 2017 (50 years since the death of John Coltrane) is our way of acknowledging composer and musician John Coltrane.

We’ll do this by building this project around his musical legacy.

The Coltrane legacy stretches all the way into the contemporary art music scene and everyone involved in this project had some relationship to Coltrane and his music.

The idea for the project quickly formed itself to be a concert program with new compositions for saxophone quartet inspired by Coltrane including notated as well as improvised elements.

All composers in the project will create a new piece where all or parts of this composition relate to a specific piece of music/improvisation by Coltrane.

PDF about this project: Hommage á Coltrane